The Artful iPhotography Community was started in April 2016 by Warren Opheim. His love for the art of iPhone photography is infectious and it shows in the work he did to create, build, and maintain the community for almost three years and seven months.

In June of that year, Warren reached out to me, as he did with many others, via an Instagram private message and invited me to check out this new community. At that time it was 88 members strong. I had a look at the website and immediately signed up. Soon I saw more members appear, some of whom I knew from Instagram and the Tiny Shutter Facebook Group.

Since that time, the community has grown to have well over 500 members (540 as I write this). The AiPC has become a place where like-minded iPhone users share the knowledge they know, and learn what they don’t. And the photography by the membership has evolved over the years to become true wonders of artful iPhone creations.

In November 2019, Warren decided it was time to move on from his duties as host and caretaker of the AiPC. After almost four years of dedication to regular weekly posts, commenting, and thinking of fresh ideas, I certainly can’t hold any blame toward him. I admire Warren’s commitment to the community and can’t thank him enough for his service.

I was greeted with a private message from Warren asking if I would be interested in carrying the torch for the AiPC, or if I knew anyone else who might be, and I told Warren I’d think it over. After a few days of thinking how much I love the community, how much work he put into it from its inception, how many people I’ve come to know, how much I love to see the photos the members take, how much I’d hate myself if I let it slip away… I said I’d do it. And I’m so glad I did.

After taking over as host, I spent some time thinking of ways I could bring some fresh ideas to the community, while keeping with some of the traditions that Warren created. I’m happy say that this podcast is probably the biggest idea I came up with. These interviews will be all about the membership. Each episode will showcase a different iPhotographer and hopefully aid in growing the community even more. I hope you enjoy the show and if you’d like to be interviewed, please join the AiPC and let me know.

All my best,

Greg McMillan

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